From Kaunas to Vilnius to Rovaniemi

Hello again!

It has been a very busy and productive few days since we were last together!

Saturday all the students were gone; only Wayne, Kristina and I were at the school.


Sunday was our meeting in Kaunas,where we interacted with the youth group after church as well as the older population there.DSCN0468

DSCN0465The couple we counseled Friday evening came there instead of where they’d planned; we were very happy to see them both smiling and worshipping together!

We were feted with a lovely lunch in a very old Lithuanian restaurant, eating naturally grown mushrooms in a rye bread bowl, potatoes stuffed with various foods, and potato this, potato that…everything has potatoes.

We traveled to Vilnius, where we stayed at one of the old hotels overnight for our flight out the next day. This hotel was advertized as a 4 star, and we could hardly move in the room.  It did have a fantastic breakfast included, though! Whatever culture one was, there was a breakfast for him!

Monday we could have slept all day, we were so tired, but our hosts were collecting us at noon for a 4 hour tour of Vilnius! It proved to be rewarding; hopefully we can share with you some of these pictures.


Our flight to Rovaniemi, Finland was happily uneventful, and we were met by the most hospitable couple, Pekka & Riitta Tolonen, with whom we stayed two nights before leaving for Kello, near Oulu. It makes me smile, because "kello" means "clock" in Finnish.

DSCN0732 DSCN0449

Smile we did, because we were at a beautiful and old, but refurbished, not updated(except electricity and plumbing, thankfully!) building housing a school, summer kids’ camp and seminary. The host, Jorma, is a former missionary to Mongolia, with plans to return. He and Pekka Siitonen served us so diligently that I had to comment this morning, " This is the first time in my life I’ve had two men serving me!" (Diane, of course)

DSCN0699 DSCN0703

Pekka’s son loaned us his car for the remainder of our excursion to Helsinki. We have been so blessed by everyone here, yet it was nice to be alone for a couple hours en route to Sievi. The funny thing is, even though we were alone, we’d sometime resort to Finnish, because we’ve begun to think in Finnish again!

Tonight we have our meeting here in Sievi; we’re with a couple who are also super gracious. Tomorrow morning, Friday, we head for Jyvaskyla.


More pictures will come at another time. It’s getting very late here, and our hosts need to sleep.

Of course, while in Rovaniemi, we had to visit the Arctic Circle, only 3+ kilometers away.


Wayne with his first translator in Finland.


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