A Healthy Place to Stay

Fetching waterToday I show the health aspect of this residence: walking barefoot across a patch of grass, kinesthetic rock-walking and wading in very cold mineral water, immersing one’s arms from the elbow down into the same type of water, and always drinking this mineral water  (from a fresh source, of course!).

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This is known as the Kneipp Method…rather invigorating! It’s another version of reflexology.

Elbows to fingers walking in the mineral pool

One Estonian student, Teele, spent a year in Finland, so she and we will sing our dinner prayer this noontime (their large meal is midday) in Finnish:
  " Me Syomme Leippaa Elaman". Kit & Heather, you must provide the oomlots…this computer only has 3 languages. I’m certain that you can sing along!
Each meal’s prayer has been sung by a different language so far.

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